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Final Four Image Unknown Heroes Of The Final Four
If you're like most college basketball fans, you probably turned on your TV last weekend, watched the Final Four and didn't give a second thought to what went into planning it. About 1,000 people in the Twin Cities didn't quite have that luxury. More Details

2001 March Mania interactiveDuke Wins 3rd National Title
On the strength of torrid shooting by Mike Dunleavy, and six straight points by senior Player of the Year Shane Battier, Duke won its third national title with an 82-72 victory over Arizona in the NCAA Championship game Monday night in the MetroDome.More Details
Video Duke Fans Celebrate Win
Video Wildcat Fans Look To Next Year
article Arizona Students Riot
article Police Give Final 4 Tickets To Sick Kids
article NCAA Tournament Scoreboard
slideshow Final Four Faces & Places
article Fan On The Street Always Confident
article Donnelly: Hangin' With Jordan
Video Duke fans | 'Zona fans | Make-A-Wish
| Local analysis | More local analysis

Final Four Faces & Places slideshowFinal Four Faces & Places
A walk around the Metrodome on Saturday afternoon revealed a cast of characters like no other at the Final Four. Check out our slideshow and be part of the action.

Hoop City Jordan And Me At Hoop City
No, not that Jordan. But a day with the kids at Hoop City did more to teach the scribe a few basketball lessons than a month of NBA Sundays. More Details



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Pat Sangimino
Charlie O. Still Leaves His Mark On Baseball

Patrick Donnelly
XFL Fans Demand Equal Time

Ryan Sirvio
Being Dick Vitale

John Wise
More March Musings From Wise Guy

James Stammer
Magnolias, Green Jackets & Memories

Ed Dykhuizen
Poor Rick Ankiel. But Other Youngsters ...

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The Los Angeles Times says that the Dodgers have the 'highest opening day payroll in baseball.' Will that make them a championship team this year?


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Verdict On The XFL?

The XFL has completed its debut weekend. What did you think of the league, the play, the action and the way it was presented on television? Join the discussion.

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