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Channel 2000 Wins APTRA Web News Award

c2kLOS ANGELES, Posted 1:10 p.m. December 9, 1998 -- There's a big party going on at Channel 2000 today!

Our site, www.channel2000.com, is the winner of The Associated Press Television and Radio Association's first ever Web page news competition.

Internet news sites were judged on Tues., Nov. 17, 1998, the contest's "designated news day."

Channel 2000 went head to head with sites throughout California and Nevada.

Judges said Channel 2000 did not rely on a national site and offered "local content which is cleanly presented." Judges also noted the site's s and other special sections. According to AP Vice President Lance Orozco, the sites were evaluated for their content and presentation, the amount of information provided and how often stories were updated.

"The main thing that did it is that Channel 2000 did a better job of it than anyone else," Orozco told Channel 2000.

The award will be presented at APTRA's 52nd annual convention at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose April 10th.

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Compiled by Channel 2000 News Staff

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