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power lines Power Profits
Critics of out-of-state power suppliers say that the companies have contributed to California's electricity crisis and the near bankruptcy of its utilities by driving up prices to make big profits. Is there any truth to this? CBS 2 News special assignment reporter Drew Griffin found out.
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Video Details about energy companies and their bosses
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Looking for stories the other stations are afraid to run? Check out the reports from CBS 2 News Special Assignment team.

Drew Griffin, Joel Grover, Thelma Gutierrez, Randy Paige and the rest of the Special Assignment Team create longer-form, enterprise stories you won't see anywhere but CBS 2 News.

Their investigations include testing consumer products, uncovering government scams, and tracking down fugitives.

Before and after each Special Assignment report, check Channel 2000 for more coverage. You can also read past reports, send a note to the Special Assignment Team, mail them a news tip or call the I-Team Tip Line at (800) 531-3113.


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