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Who do you think will be the next Survivor voted off the show? Enter your own tribal council vote and win a prize.
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Eminem Eminem Avoids Jail, Gets Two Years' Probation
The rapper also known as Slim Shady avoided a jail term at his sentencing Tuesday. More Details

article/videoBackground: His Controversies
article/videoGuilty Plea | Video

Easter Celebrate Easter Around The World
In Australia, Easter coincides with the end of summer rather than the beginning of spring. And Australians prefer the bilby as a symbol of Easter, not only because the animal is native to the country, but also because rabbits have destroyed land and crops. Click here to see how Easter is celebrated around the world.

Passover article/videoA Passover Primer
Learn about the rituals of Passover and read essays by children on their Passover memories.More Details
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Your Humble Scribe
Love, Weird American Style

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Chat With Sarah Michelle Gellar In French, Wyclef Jean

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