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Airlines Eye Northwest's Union Pact
Northwest Airlines Major U.S. airlines are closely eyeing the proposed contract between Northwest and its mechanics union as it's the first tentative union settlement as a string of airlines are negotiating with workers. More Details

Shortage Of Bad News Boosts Stocks
Just wait until there's good news. More Details
From SmartMoney.com:
articleAnalysis: Sycamore Gets Chopped Down
articleCompanies In The News: Kana, Broadbase To Merge
interactiveStock Tools: Fast Movers | Look Up Any Stock | Scan 600 At Once

taxes 2001 Taxes: Pay A Preparer Or Fly Solo?
Should you shell out big bucks for a seasoned tax pro -- or roll up your sleeves and do it yourself? That depends on the complexity of your taxes and your tolerance for tedious work � even with the help of the computer. Tips from SmartMoney.com
Plus: Forms, Links And Help In Channel 2000's Tax Preparation Section
article File Taxes Online
article Get An Extention
article Avoid An Audit
Discounts on Designer Duds
YOU MAY BE cutting back, but as any fashionista will tell you, darling, some things are simply essential. Leaner times or not, there's no need to do without designer clothing altogether .

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