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Continuing Ed
Overcoming Obstacles
Most adult students have trouble finding the time and money needed to succeed at college. Careful planning can make the difference. (The Full Story)

How Will I Pay?
Scholarships, grants and work-study -- they aren't just for kids any more. Find out the best way to pay for your college certificate or degree. (The Full Story)
On The Career Path
What's in demand now and next year? Assess your skills and find out what employers are looking for. (The Full Story)
Other Options
Should you turn to a four-year college? A vocational school? Or will a temp agency meet your needs? Find out. (The Full Story)

Our Sources Say:

Oregon Labor Information Systems
Check out local labor trends and Oregon wage information.
America's Job Bank
Find out what jobs are hot, based on current labor-market statistics.
Oregon State Scholarship Commission
Check out local scholarship options.
Indiana Career and Postsecondary Advancement Center
Make your college-credit transfer a success.

Marcia Lynx Qualey,
Internet Broadcasting System
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