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Four-Year College
Countdown to Acceptance
Is it time to take the SAT? Go on a round of college visits? Fill out scholarship applications? These timelines will help you plan your approach. (The Full Story)
Can I Afford This?
There's no way around it -- public or private, a college education is expensive. But there are ways to cut that stack of bills down to size. (The Full Story)

Will I Get in?
Do you need straight A's to get in to the college of your choice? A stunning essay? Five extracurricular activities or two glowing recommendations? Find out. (The Full Story)

Why Study for the SAT?
Will taking a class improve your scores on the SAT? Should you take the SAT or the ACT? Find out -- then register online to take the test. (The Full Story)
How Do I Choose?
Is choosing the right school an art or a science? What questions should you ask over the phone and during a campus visit? Find the school that's right for you. (The Full Story)
How Will This Affect My Career Options?
Should you zero in on a career now? Or is it too early? Check out these online resources and stop worrying. (The Full Story)
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