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Upcoming Holidays...
Black History Month
Black History
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Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day
(Feb. 2)
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Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
(Feb. 14)
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More reasons to celebrate:

February holidays 2001
Black History Month
Groundhog Day, Feb. 2
Valentine's Day, Feb. 14

March holidays 2001
Women's History Month
Pig Day, March 1
Int'l Women's Day, March 8
Panic Day, March 9
St. Patrick's Day, March 17
Spring Starts, March 20-21

April holidays 2001
April Fools' Day, April 1
Easter, April 15
Tax Day, April 16
Earth Day, April 21
Volunteer Week, April 22-28
Secretary's Day, April 25
Spring Break

May holidays 2001
May Day, May 1
Cinco De Mayo, May 5
Nurse's Day, May 6
Teacher's Day, May 8
Mother's Day, May 13
Memorial Day, May 28

June holidays 2001
Gay Pride Month
National Tattoo Day, June 3
Best Friends Day, June 8
Flag Day, June 14
Father's Day, June 17
Summer Begins, June 20-21
Whale Day, June 21

July holidays 2001
Canada Day, July 1
Independence Day, July 4
Bastille Day, July 14
Father-In-Law Day, July 30

September holidays 2001
Labor Day, Sept. 3
Grandparents' Day, Sept. 9

October holidays
Techies Day, Oct. 3
Columbus Day, Oct. 9
Sweetest Day, Oct. 16
Bosses' Day, Oct. 16
Mother-In-Law Day, Oct. 24
Make A Difference Day , Oct. 28
Halloween, Oct. 31

November holidays
Native American Heritage Month
Dia De Los Muertos, Nov. 1
Sadie Hawkins Day, Nov. 9
Veterans Day, Nov. 12
Great American Smokeout, Nov. 16
Universal Children's Day, Nov. 20
ThanksgivingNov. 22
Ramadan Begins

December holidays
Happy Holidays
Winter Solstice, Dec. 21-22
Chanukah Begins
Christmas, Dec. 25
Kwanzaa Begins

January holidays
New Year's Day, Jan. 1
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Hug Day
Chinese New Year

Remember, we can send the cards out on any day you choose. So you can write your Valentine's Day cards in January -- and they'll go out Feb. 14 on the nose.

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