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How To Pay For College: Start Now

Saving Smart And Early Is The Key

No question about it: Going to college is expensive. Since 1980, the cost of a college education has risen more than twice as fast as the consumer price index.

Tips on saving for collegeMost people who send their children to college have been preparing for it for years. However it's done -- investments, savings, gifts or creative financing -- getting money together for college takes plenty of planning.

It's important to start saving for college early, since the inflation for the cost of a college education has been running typically 2-3 percent higher than that of wage inflation.

Fortunately, you're not alone in figuring it out.

The College Entrance Examination Board has named February "Financial Aid and Admissions Awareness Month" to encourage parents and future students to think about paying for college. To get you started, browse these articles from Channel2000 and our partner SmartMoney.com.

Click to calculate your college costsYou can even use an online calculator to figure out how much college will cost when the student in your family is ready to enroll: Click the calculator picture at right.

The Basics

Advice FromSmartMoney.com

The Numbers: Actual Costs

From The College Entrance Examination Board:

From The Chronicle Of Higher Education:

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