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Today's Employees' Market Is The Ideal Time

Maureen Bauer, Human Resource Professional

All of us have heard the statistics about our geographical area being an employee's market. Companies are competing for available talent, making this an exciting time to consider your options. interview120x90.gif However, with demand outweighing the supply of workers today, some job seekers find the number of options a bit overwhelming. In the past, most of us simply applied for the jobs that were available in our market at the time we were in need of employment. Many of us have never stopped to consider what type of position would make us happiest.

So, if you have decided to take advantage of today's employee market and see what is out there for you, the first step is to stop and consider what you would really enjoy doing for a living. You may find the following exercise to be helpful. Take a blank sheet of paper and entitle it, "My Dream Job." Below those words, list all the characteristics of the perfect job for you. Draw upon your past experiences to describe the work environment, industry, challenges and duties of your dream job. Be honest, only you will see what you write.

After you complete your dream "job description." read it a few times to determine what is most important to you. For example, it may become clear to you that you are happiest when you are in contact with the public rather than working alone. Or perhaps what really makes you happy is working in an energized environment rather than a slow-paced office. Aim to narrow this list to the five job characteristics that you feel are most important to your happiness in a position.

Refer to your dream job description at each step of your career search. When you are creating a new resume, highlight the skills and experiences you possess which would be attractive to an employer searching for such an employee. You may also include interpersonal characteristics that would be an asset to your dream job, such as the ability to work in a fast-paced environment or to rapidly adjust to changing priorities.

Your dream job description is invaluable when beginning your search for a new position. You may use it to identify companies, which employ people in similar positions, rather than waiting for them to advertise a need. Many individuals land the best jobs by sending a resume and letter of interest to an organization, which intrigues them - without being aware of an available position.

Be sure to also consider your list of dream job characteristics when you are invited to an interview. During your conversation, stress the skills that you would most like to utilize. This will help to ensure that you find an employer who values someone with your talents and that you will be asked to do the types of things you enjoy.

Keep in mind that even if you find that your exact dream job is not possible this time around, your dream job description will be a great guideline to help you choose the best one from those available.

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